Types of WineThere is nothing more reviving, irresistible and energizing like a glass of wine. Wines have been in the market way since the ancient time and have not lost their value. People from all over the world appreciate and make use of wine in their day-to-day life.

One may ask ‘but what is Wine’?

It is an alcoholic liquid refreshment made from vine fruits also called grapes. These berries are known to have their natural sugars, and wild yeast inside them which is essential is making wine.

This yeast takes in the sugar in the grapes and turns them into alcohol and carbon dioxide. In the absence of sugar, enzymes, water and other nutrients, this beverage is brewed to produce wine.

However, other fruits can also produce wine. Since the typical wines are known to only come from fermented grape juice, these wines bear the names of the fruits they are named after. Examples are

  • Plum wine: It originated from China and is popular in Korea and Japan. The plum fruit produces this juice.
  • Pineapple Wine: Just as the name depicts this wine is from the pineapple fruit, and its juice is fermented to make the liquor.
  • Cherry wine: Cherry fruits make this drink.
  • Banana Wine: It is from ripe peeled bananas. The bananas are mashed and mixed with water sugar and yeast.

Traditional ceremonies in rural areas use wines from other fruits to conduct their functions. From the olden days, specific occasions use wines for various reasons.

Even up to date the necessity of wine is for a special or a particular function either for religious purposes, celebration or rituals. Other uses of wine include:-

  1. As a Beverage: Wine can be used as a celebration drink either in wedding, dinner dates or even after a meal.
  2. To Clean Fruits: It can be used to clean fruits since it is believed to have that can kill bacteria in fruits.
  3. To Trap Pesky Flies: When wine is fermented, it contains a bad smell which the flies like so much. This smell is used to trap the flies and kill them.
  4. Home Facial: It makes the skin firm hence a good home remedy for the face mask.
  5. Cooking: When cooking different types of food like chicken and fish. Wine is the best replacement for vinegar and oil.

We have different categories of wines. That depends on the grape used to make the wine, the area where the grapes grow, the technique and style used to make the wine, and the age of the wine. We also have wines such as Australian wine and French wines; from the country of origin.

Different types of wines have a different color, taste, and smell. Wine fanatic can identify the type of the one by not looking at the label but by just having a sip.

There are non-sweet wines and sweet wines. Although they contain alcohol, researchers have found out little intake of wine recommended. Moderate consumption is not at all harmful to our health; in fact, it is of great benefit.

Advantages of Taking Wine

  1. Reduces the risk Stroke: When taken in a small amount can reduce the risk of stroke. The Wine has a phenol which is a natural blood thinner that protects against blood clotting which prevents stroke.
  2. Increases bone density: Red wine has silicon which provides the bones with minerals like calcium. It helps in aging.
  3. Boosts immune systems: when consumed in a small amount, it can prevent infections.
  4. It can battle against Cancer: wine has what we call antioxidant which can fight against cancerous cells in breast, colon among many others.
  5. Lowers the risk of heart diseases: Red wine has a component that can protect against heart diseases.
  6. Reduces Anxiety: wines have alcohol which sometimes reduces anxiety.

Wines are the best drinks especially if taken in good measure. Different people have different types of the taste of wine they prefer. Some love just the color and others are professional when choosing these wines.

Types of Wine

The most popular kind of wines that are known by many is the Red wine and the White wine. Nevertheless, they are many other varieties that. These wines can either be sweet or dry which also referred to as non-sweet.

  • Dry Wine (non-Sweet): it is not it is gotten from completing the liquid fermentation of the extract.
  • Sweet Wine: this is derived when fermentation is cut short before all the grape sugars changed into ethanol. The tasty wine has more sugar residual compared to a dry wine.

Red wine

Black grapes make this wine. The skin produces the color and flavor. It can have light shade or dark shade color. Some red wines can be sweeter than the other.

Various types of red wine differ in two possible ways. The origin of the fruit and the kind of berry used to make the wine. Food like red meat and sea-food goes well with red wine.

Known Red wines in the market Include

  • Pinot Noir
  • Zinfandel
  • Merlot
  • Cabernet
  • Burgundy
  • Beaujolais

White wine

The green or yellow grape produces this wine. It made by fermenting the non-colored outer side of the fruit. White color can be achieved by not allowing the skin of the grape to stain the liquid extract during brewing. Both white and red wine can also be blended to make this wine. It is advisable to serve white wine with such as Poultry and fish.

Types of White wine

  • Riesling
  • Chardonnay

Other types of wine include

Rose Wine

This is the oldest type of wine. It is seen to have the color of the grape skin, but the color is not enough to turn it into red wine.

This wine contains a pink color which ranges from a pale orange to a close to purple color depending on the type of grape used and the style used for making the wine. It is from a wide variety of berries from all over the globe.

Three ways to produce Rose Wine

  • By Skin Contact: allowing the dark skin of the grape to stain the liquid extract.
  • Extracting juice from the freshly pressed fruits early during the brewing and afterwards fermenting the drink separately.
  • By mixing the red wine with the white wine.

Honey Wine (Mead)

Water, fruits, spices and seed coned from hop plant are fermented to produce this wine.

Wine and Rice Wine

These wines are from starch, and they resemble beer. Rice is fermented to get the end product.

Sparkling Wine

This wine is created to have sparkles and bubbles. This wine can be either red or white wine. It includes Champagne which originates from France. They are produced by not allowing carbon dioxide from escaping from the bottle.

Fortified Wines

For this wine to be ready, Brandy or a different kind of spirits are put together to make this drink. Examples of these wines include Sherry, Port, Marsala, among many others. They have a higher content of alcohol and are the best drunk before or after dinner

Dessert Wines

These are sweet wines that are drunk with desserts or after eating a dessert. Examples of dessert wines include Madeira.

Palm Wine

This drink is famous in the African countries like Nigeria and Ghana. They use it mostly for the traditional marriage ceremony and when old folks gather in a friends homestead.

Vintage is the names given wines that bear the names of their origin and the grapes used in them in a particular year. Purchasing stylish wine is expensive.

Low-class earners can hardly buy wine or even think of buying a bottle of wine. The best wine for cooking is cheaper compared to the ones for drinking. Although some say that there is a wine that is non-alcoholic, it is yet to exist. Grape juice is put into bottles that look the same as that for wines.

These are just juices mistaken to be wine. Those people who don’t take alcohol at all consume these juices. There are churches, weddings, and other ceremonies that do not prohibit the drinking of alcohol. These juices are used as an option.

Fulfilment comes when you have just had a long stressful day, and all you want is a glass of wine to cool your nerves. There are wines that after opening you need to let them breathe before taking them.

If you are new to wine, it is best to try rose wine since they are light and somehow sweet. As times goes by you should try other different types for you to have your preference. People who are used to whiskey have no problem taking even the non-sweet wine since this drink is also bitter in a way.

One may wonder how to know the best wine. But this is a question that bothers so many people who can be in a dilemma on which kind of wine to pick from the store. One may be referred to collect a type of wine, and to his or her amusement it turns out not to be the best.

A great wine depends on personal taste, and therefore, identifying one’s taste is essential. Below are factors that can help you.

  • Understand what you like and what you don’t like. There are people who for one reason or another don’t value a red color so their choice will be white wine. Others prefer to get high quickly so they will choose wines that have a high content of alcohol, and others love sweet things so their preferred wines will be those that are sweet.
  • What do you want to use the wine for after buying? Some buy wines for cooking while others buy to drink. Different wines have different uses, and this should help you get the right wine you want. When it comes to drinking, also put into consideration if it’s a party or just for use after a meal.
  • Check your budget. It is sad that cheap is expensive. If you want to have the best wine, be prepared to spend a lot for you to get quality wine.
  • Be adventurous: always go out of your way and try new and different wines to find the one that suits your taste.
  • Still, buy wine from specialized shops where they will be able also to advise you on the different wines in the market. The small shops will most probably store two or three types of wines which may not be of help to you.

Choosing the best wines for you can be tricky and expensive, but getting the one you have you have always desired is worth it. Men are known to be the best in selecting wines.

Some love wines that are very strong. This drink is being enjoyed everywhere since the days of the Romans to the recent days. A couple of things must be adhered to preserve wines for them to remain fresh.

  1. Always keep them away from direct sunlight. Ultra-violet rays can cause an unpleasant smell of wines. Ensures that they are inside a box or wrap inside a cloth.
  2. It is good to keep them in the refrigerator or wine cooler after opening 12.2 degrees Celsius. You can enjoy some wines while they are fresh while others can stay for some time without spoiling.
  3. Isolate wine from any other thing that may have a strong scent. Wines can breathe, so avoid letting them breathe the smell of any other thing.

Varieties of wines come with different types of Wine glass shaped bottles and their way of opening too. There are others that use a screw; others you have to pop the bottle like the party wines, and others you open calmly.

The most exciting way of drinking wine is together with friends or family at a party or when having a romantic dinner with your date. Religious wines are viewed to be boring since they don’t carry the celebration mood.

Although some red wine and bitter and not tasty, there are people who love them and would exchange to any other type of wine. They love it just the way it is.

The wine industry has grown over the last years and has become a booming business in most parts of the world. Grape farmers have increased, and they plant these fruits once a year and harvest them after they are ripe. Due to this wine is produced once in every year.

In countries like America, drinking wine is an everyday thing. Every home has a wine bar that carries different types of wine that the family can enjoy. In every meal, they take a glass of wine or juice to accompany their food.

Wine specialized stores are also growing day by day. Those people with nowhere to store their wines and they are celebrating can easily rush and but from the different stores available.

Drinking of wine is not illegal in most countries since it is hard to get a person very drunk in such a way that he goes falling and abusing people on the streets. Unlike alcohol and beer, wine is a modern way enjoying one’s own time without disturbing the people around.

As early as 6000BC wine taking has been a renowned drink in world and people have been using this refreshment up to now. 240 million hectoliters were consumed in 2014. This number has increased to 245 million hectoliters in 2016.

Making a toast while drinking wine has its significance in some communities around the world. For example, German tribes thought that the sound of the glass could scare away ghosts. In the 19th century, raising a glass to celebrate or give respect to a person.

These days very few people can buy a bottle of expensive wine and finish the whole bottle on their own. One may probably call a friend or a family member. However, some get addicted to this drink, and this has taken away their health.

In today’s world, modern and innovative ways of presenting wine are adapted. Authentic wine is stored in a tube-like bottle and is available everywhere. You don’t have to wake up and go looking for a bottle of wine.

Online stores are also accessible through the internet, and you can order your drink at the comfort of your house anytime anywhere you want. Both China and U.S are known to have a high rate of both consumption and sale of wine in the market.

This industry is overgrowing as the farmers also invent ways to cultivate these fruits for the market not to lose its value. Many farmers now have machines that are helping them plant these fruits in large scale compared to the past years.

Methods of transporting these berries have improved as very few losses are incurred when moving their produce from one destination to another. It is a business that has been in existence for some time. You can start without the worry of where you will sell your fruits. It is time to venture into this field and do exploits.