Best Wine RacksWine is a sophisticated and classy drink. People indulge in wine drinking for many reasons. Best Wine racks come in a wide variety of styles, shapes, and designs.

Like wine, people buy them for many reasons, like decorating the house and making a statement on your tastes.

Their primary function is to make sure that the quality of the wine is preserved and also to ensure that the wine ages properly. It is important to note that wine will not age properly if stored in the fridge or inside a drawer or cupboard.

You should, therefore, make a point of storing wine in racks, instead of your refrigerator.

Different types of wine racks

There are several types of wine racks. You can look at these different types based on their materials or their functional design.

The materials used to make these racks are metal, wood, plastic or glass.

The materials you choose for a rack will depend mostly on the style of your house, your tastes or your personal preference.

There are different types of metals that are used to make these racks, these includes, stainless steel, iron, etc. Some metals like stainless steel are easy to clean while others are more durable. Wood has a more traditional feel while glass and metal will complement a room with a modern style.

There are also different types of racks based on their functional design. There is wall-mounted, freestanding, shelf-like tabletop and specialty racks.

Wall mounted racks can be placed on the wall. These racks can be made of different materials, but are mainly made of metal and wood.

They are mainly used to decorate and give the space on the wall an aesthetic feel. You can find one that holds a few bottles or one that can hold more than forty.

Freestanding racks are quite convenient when it comes to moving them from one place to the other. They are not complicated to make so the manufacturers make freestanding wine racks in many different designs and materials.

They sometimes take a considerable amount of space and can be used to decorate a room and give it a different feel. However, some freestanding racks can topple easily and they should be placed in a safer place where they are least likely to be toppled over by someone.

You should make a point of choosing one with a stable base to avoid accidents. Some need a considerable amount of space and it is advisable to ensure that space is available before making a purchase.

Specialty racks are used to store certain types of bottles. Normally, most racks are designed to handle a 750ml bottle. Specialty racks are made to handle bottles with special kinds of shapes and size. You can get a number of specialty racks that can handle different needs.

What to look for when buying Wine Racks?

Wine racks vary in size; from small wine racks that can hold one or two bottles to those that can hold thousands.

Small or medium-sized racks work fine for your home collection while for commercial purposes largely sized racks are required. Depending on your choice, wine racks can cost anything between USD $20 and $1000.

When shopping for wood wine racks you will want to purchase one that’s attractive and designed to hold the number of bottles of wine you want to keep on hand while considering your homes décor and your own personal sense of style.

Always remember that when looking for a nice rack to store your wine, you can often find it online. Usually for a better price than you will find in local stores and nothing is more enjoyable as having the perfect wine storage at a great price, unless you are sipping a great bottle of wine.

We hope our review can provide you with ideas and information in helping you choose the best wine racks suited for the job.

Here is the list of top wine racks of all different types that will further help you to choose the best wine racks for your needs.

#1 Ocean star WR1132 12-Bottle Dark Espresso Bamboo Wine Rack

General details

Manufacturer: Ocean Star

Wine rack dimensions: 11.8 x 5.8 x 15.8 inches

Weight: 2lb

Material: Bamboo wood and Metal

Capacity: 12 bottles of 750ml

Assembly: Minimum assembly required

Amazon customer review: 4/5


This Dark Espresso Bamboo Wine Rack from ocean star is free to stand wine rack that can hold up to 12 bottles to 750 ml of your favorite wine.

The construction is perfect combinations of wood and metal that makes it long-lasting with the sturdy & durable design.

You can see and grab the wine from the front and back from the curved shaped panels sitting horizontally on the free-standing structure.

It is one of the best wine racks available to tune your house into the minibar. You can assemble the rack without any tool with slip-in assembly and clean it easily by wiping it with the dry cloth.

2. Sorbus 3-Tier Stackable Wine Rack – Round Classic Style Wine Racks for Bottles

General details

Manufacturer: Sorbus

Wine rack dimensions: 15.50” L x 6.50” W x 12.75”H

Weight: 1.65 pounds

Material: Metal

Capacity: 12 bottles of 750ml

Assembly: No assembly require

Amazon customer review: 4.7/5


This metal wine rack from Sorbus features 3 horizontal tiers, each holding 4 bottles. It is made of thin metal making it lightweight, sturdy and durable for long-lasting. It’s clever design prevents the bottle from wobbling, titling and falling, making it the safest storage space for your favorite wine.

You can grab the wine from its front and back while can have a look at 360 degrees including top and bottom. It is considered as one of the most popular racks amongst the wine collectors.

It goes well with existing décor, any flat surface area in a pantry, storage cabinet, kitchen, dining room, basement, wine cellar, or bar. Moreover, the beautiful circular frame comes into classic metal copper and silver color that makes it even more attractive.

#3 Soduku Wall Mounted Metal Wine Rack

General details

  • Manufacturer: Soduku
  • Wine rack dimensions: 17.5″W x 4.8″D x 7.3″ H
  • Weight: 3.11 pounds
  • Material: Thin metal
  • Capacity: 5 bottles of 1.5ml and 4 wine glass
  • Assembly: minimum assembly
  • Amazon customer review: 4.3/5


One of its kind and top of the line wall mounted metal wine rack from Soduku can hold up to 5 bottles of your favorite wine of most standard sizes.

The plus point is, it comes it stems that can hold 4 glass along with a wine cork storage that can be opened with tiny built indoor.

It comes with the variety of design to match the interior of your place. It is one of the most recommended walls mounted wine rack if you are the fan of collecting wines and into show off your collection.

#4 Sorbus 23 Bottle Wine Rack Stand

General Details

  • Manufacturer: Sorbus
  • Wine rack dimensions: 6.5 x 21.5 x 12.5 inches
  • Weight: 7 pounds
  • Material: metal
  • Capacity: 23 bottles (hold most standard wines)
  • Assembly: no assembly required
  • Amazon customer review: 4.7/5


Another free stand metal wine rack from Sorbus. Though it is a multi-purpose and can be used commercially as well.

It is considered as one the best wine rack for liquor bars and can also be used to turn your house into the mini bar.

It is constructed out of metal for durable construction and strong castings for long-lasting use. Arched- freestanding design can hold 23 bottles horizontally ensuring both the wine and the air bubbles are in contact with the cork which keeps it fresh. Its beautifully circular frame inside arched construction is only available in black color.

#5 Mecor Wine Rack Freestanding Floor Wooden Stackable Storage Shelf (6 Tier( 72 Bottles))

General details

  • Manufacturer: Mecro
  • Wine rack dimensions: 47.2″L x 11.8″W x 28″H
  • Weight: 16.05 pounds
  • Material: pine wood
  • Capacity: 6 tiers to hold 72 bottles (most standard wine bottles)
  • Assembly: Minimum as assembly required – no tools required
  • Amazon customer review: 4/5


This is one of the most popular wooden wine rack available till now in the market. Classy wooden design, high storage capacity, durable and sturdy construction and almost no assembly required are the plus points of this wine rack.

It is made of pure pine wood can hold 72 bottles in its 6 horizontal tiers. Another iteration can store up to 91 bottles in its 7 horizontal tiers. This wooden wine rack is one of the most appreciated and loved wine rack amongst the wine collectors and bar business holders as it really makes an impressive statement.

An arched design prevents the bottles from scattering and can hold up to 75kgs of the load. You can also decorate the wine rack with champagne bottles on the most top row. Suitable for bars as normal households do not require this largest outlet of wine.

#6 Sorbus Wine Rack Butterfly – Stores 8 Bottles of Wine

General details

  • Manufacturer: Sorbus
  • Wine rack dimensions: 17.25″x11.5″x4″
  • Weight: 1.85 pounds
  • Material: Wood
  • Capacity: 8 bottles of 750ml
  • Assembly: minimum assembly required
  • Amazon customer review: 4/5


Another popular wooden wine rack from Sorbus. You will find it as the perfect gift for wine lovers and rock you mini house party.

This butterfly-like wooden wine rack can hold 8 bottles of 750ml of your favorite wine while giving you the 360-degree view and grabbing ability from front and back.

Its butterfly looking construction with matching dark mahogany color makes it quite suitable for most of the kitchen and house interiors, countertop, or bar table.

Constructed of lightweight, durable wood that holds each bottle horizontally to keep wine fresh longer until you’re ready to drink. It only requires minimum assembly – slip-in flat panels and wipes clean.

Wooden wine racks

The wooden wine rack is the most popular type of wine racks for home. With a variety of stains, finishes, and styles, from simple wooden wine racks to custom, modern wine racks.

There are countless selections to choose from. Wine racks that are wall mounted, or on your counter, are also popular and functional to store your wine!

Wood wine racks come in a variety of types and styles suiting almost every need and personal sense of style.

There are both large and countertop racks that are just that, racks that hold your wine and do nothing more. However, there are also wooden wine shelves that can hold your wine and also add attractiveness and usefulness to your homes décor.

Stands with racks built into them are becoming increasingly popular as these stand/racks usually have a top that you use as a miniature bar for pouring your wine and often even drawers for keeping things like corkscrews and other small items right at your fingertips. Some even have table tops and storage bins, while others may even have their own cutting board for those occasional wine and cheese parties.

These stand wine racks are a great way to store your wine properly while adding a bit of usefulness and attractiveness to your home décor.

6 Popular wooden free standing, wall mounted and Tabletop wine racks for home and commercial usage

#1 Floating Wine Shelf and Glass Rack Set (Wall Mounted)

General information

  • Manufacturer: del Hutson designs
  • Wine rack dimensions: 6H x 24W x 10D
  • Weight: 8.95 pounds
  • Capacity: 4 bottles of 750ml and 4 glass
  • Assembly: minimum assembly required
  • Amazon customer rating: 3.8/5


This beautiful wine rack will fit nicely into any white themed kitchen/home beautifully. Made of high-quality pine wood, this wooden wall mounted wine rack can hold four bottles of your favorite wine along with 4 glass without worrying about falling them.

Mounting insides are quite strong making its sturdy and durable to stand with heavy loads of the bottle.

The rustic style of wine rack makes statement and artisan detail to the room while saving space as it is quite small. Instead of making mini home bar it will make the micro home bar. It can also be the beautiful gift for the precious occasion.

#2 Finnhomy 18-Bottle Stackable Natural Bamboo Wine Display and Storage Rack

General information


  • Manufacturer: FINN HOMY
  • Wine rack dimensions: 9.5 x 33.6 x 10.5 inches
  • Weight: 7.41 pounds
  • Capacity: 18 bottles of 750ml
  • Assembly: minimum assembly required
  • Amazon customer rating: 4.5/5

The multi-purpose wine rack from Finn Homy is an ideal choice for home usage as well as commercial usage such as in the bar.

This wooden freestanding wine rack comes with 2 racks, each has 2 wave bars and 2 blocks and can hold nine bottles.

The design is pretty sturdy and designed for the longer lifespan. The racks are also intelligently designed that prevent scattering, wobbling, and falling off the bottles. It does not require any assembly and wooden blocks and racks slips-in quite an easily.

#3 Stackable Modular Wine Rack Stackable Storage Stand

General information

  • Manufacturer: Display Gifts Inc.
  • Wine rack dimensions: 46.5″WX60″HX11.5″D
  • Weight: 40.4 pounds
  • Capacity: 144 bottles
  • Assembly: minor assembly require
  • Amazon customer rating: 4.6/5


So are you holding large wine outlet and needs something special to store the bottles that also enhance the way your bar or outlet look and make a positive appeal. It is the freestanding made of high-quality pine wood that can store 144 bottles and withstand heavy loads.

The clever design of this wooden wine rack also prevent the bottle scattering and wobbling. It also keeps the wine fresh by ensuring the cork moist and it stays in touch with air.

Its mini version is also available which can store 72 bottles wine and make out of the same wooden material.

#4 Stackable Storage Wine Rack Stand, Wobble-Free

General information

  • Manufacturer: Display Gifts Inc.
  • Wine rack dimensions: 30.25″ X 24.75″W X 11″D
  • Weight: 10 pounds
  • Capacity: 36 bottles
  • Assembly: minimum assembly
  • Amazon customer rating: 4.7/5


It is the mini version of what we had seen above. It can hold 36 bottles of wine within its wooden structure of 6 rows and 6 columns.

Like its bigger version, it is also tough and can bear the heavy load. The design is also similar – to prevent wobbling and scattering. It also comes with dowels pins. The assembly is quite easy and fun like you are joining Lego blocks.

No external tools require and can be done in seconds with its slip-in mechanism. These wooden rack islands are set up with two sides, three displays per side and the storage space underneath.

It is easy for your customer to go to the rack and grab the display bottle or search directly below it for a bottle. The added storage in commercial wine racks of this wooden freestanding wine rack ensures that if one customer buys that wine, another one can easily find it as well.

#5 ArtifactDesign Wall Mounted Wood Wine Rack

General information

  • Wine rack dimensions: 24.5 x 11 x 3.5 inches
  • Weight: 7.6 pounds
  • Capacity: 6 bottles of 750 ml
  • Assembly: required
  • Amazon customer rating: 3.9/5


This wooden wall mounted wine rack is 2 in 1 appliance to hold your wine bottle as well as glass. It can hold 6 wine bottles of your favorite wine and house six glasses right below the wine holding rack.

The aesthetic design of this wine rack will not only save space but also become the enticing piece of art for wall décor. It has also proved itself quite an impressive gift for wine lovers on previous occasions.

Though the mountings are not as sturdy as they claim, it is still good enough to stand with the weight of 6 full bottles of wine and glasses. We suggest you not to put any excessive weight on it.

Mythical Dragon Wine Bottle Holder Statue

General information

  • Manufacturer: DWK Corporation
  • Wine bottle holder dimensions: 12.2 x 6.5 x 6.9 inches
  • Weight: 3.1 pounds
  • Material: polyresin
  • Capacity: single bottle
  • Assembly: no assembly require
  • Amazon customer review: 4.4/5


This is quite off bit product but still the great one. It is table top wine rack and a bottle holder. And the coolest feature of this bottle holder is that it is an aesthetic piece of art carved by hand to make your bar or house wine shelves looks quite impressive with the medieval theme. It will look amazing on your kitchen shelves too. This wine bottle holder is the perfect gift for wine lovers on various occasion.

Metal Wine racks

It has been observed that as wines are kept for thousands of years it becomes quite difficult to keep it safe and preserve it in its best way so that it lasts longer.

In order to solve such problem, the commercial sellers of wine have used the commercial metal wine racks that have the capability of storing wine bottles to a large extent and with full safety measures. The commercial metal wine racks are available in various forms and can contain several wine bottles with proper storage.

Though wine racks are used since over hundreds of years, with the gradual change in the process of making various wine, a certain changed has arrived in designing the commercial metal wine racks not only in terms of its several functions but also in terms of providing comfort to it.

As in overall if one sees there has been a huge change in the type of material used and its constructional design that has led to the production of various types of commercial metal wine racks that gets available in the market.

Now with the advent of these racks, every wine dealer prefers to keep their wines in the best possible way just not for the sake of their hobby and preference but to show their love and indulgence for an expensive wine collection.

Advantages and common usage of metal wine racks:

The special feature which makes this commercial metal wine racks so much user-friendly mainly due to its versatile manner of the presence of adjustable shelves, lockers, drawers, cardboard cases, raised panels, 90-degree corner and much more.

Lastly, the prices of these racks basically depend upon its various features and characteristics as some of them may be resistant to rot while some may have a varied range of colors for it.

Here is the list of top 3 metal wine racks.

1. TRINITY EcoStorage 4-Tier NSF Wine Rack

General information

  • Manufacturer: Trinity International Industries, LLC
  • Wine rack dimension: 14 x 36 x 34.5 inches
  • Weight: 24 pounds
  • Type: Freestanding
  • Material: Metal
  • Capacity: 54 bottles of 750ml
  • Weight capacity: 800lb (Weight Capacity per Shelf) and 4,800lb (Total Weight Capacity)
  • Assembly: minimum assembly required
  • Amazon customer rating: 5/5


This is freestanding metal wine rack has attracted ample amount of attention from wine enthusiasts and collectors as it comes with large wine bottle storage capacity with sturdy and durable construction.

There are total six shelves, which can be adjusted, and each can hold 9 bottles. The frames distribution for shelves is quite clever that prevent bottle scattering, wobbling and falling and each shelve can also hold up to 800lbs of weight.

The whole construction is chrome colored and the unit can be used for home, wine cellar, or restaurant environments. As far as customers’ reviews are concerned there has not been single negative point noticed yet and that’s what makes it perfect free standing wine rack till day.

#2 VintageView 12 Bottle Wall Mounted Metal Wine Rack (1 Deep – Black)

General information

  • Manufacturer: Vintage View
  • Wine rack dimension: 5.2 x 12 x 48 inches
  • Weight: 6 pounds
  • Type: wall mounted wine rack
  • Material: metal (steel)
  • Capacity: 12 bottles
  • Assembly: assembly required
  • Weight capacity: NA
  • Amazon customer rating: 4.8/5


Wine loves have been struggling to find wall mounted wine racks that can hold heavy weight of their favorite wine bottles.

But this wall mounted racks can be one point solution to all their requirements. From the first view, it does not look like that it can hold 12 bottles full of wine but the mounting screws work exceptionally good.

Though it can take up to 30 minutes to mount the rack and require drill and tape measure and in some case marking pencil too. And yes it comes with two individual rails that need to be mounted, there is no single rack.

#3 Country Home Wine Shrine by Twine

General information

  • Manufacturer: Truefabrications
  • Wine rack dimension: 11.8 x 6.5 x 13 inches
  • Weight: 2.29 pounds
  • Type: tabletop wine rack
  • Material: Metal
  • Capacity: 6 bottles
  • Assembly: no assembly required
  • Weight capacity: NA
  • Amazon customer rating: 4.3/5


This rustic metal wine rack can be the perfect Christmas present. The neat and sensible design made from antique metal that makes it perfect home décor and gives the rustic vibe to your collection.

These tabletop wine rack can also be used to show off your precious wine collection as it gives the 360-degree view of bottles. You can also grab the wine from front and back. It does not require any assembly.

It is sturdy enough to store 6 full wine bottles and durable enough for greater lifespan. Though some customers have found an issue with its color as it was faded from some part of the rack.


Hope this list of popular 15 wine racks will help you to find the Mr. Right for your requirements. You can definitely look for other wine racks but make sure you go through the other information we have mentioned regarding buying wine racks and different types of wine racks. Make sure you let us know your favorite one!